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About the Comic

Logo!“Chip and Walter” is an adventure/sci-fi/comedy funny-animal web comic that follows the adventures of two teenage ducks named Chip and Walter Duckbill.

Their lives – along with their older sister Wendy, little sister Violet, and kid brother Artie – are thrown into chaos when their mom and dad, Mina and Duncan Duckbill are murdered by the evil NSFFS Corporation. Together, the five kids find themselves caught in a power struggle over their father’s missing invention, the Crystal Star – an unknown item that’s seemingly vanished from the face of the earth prior to Duncan’s death.

With assassins, a host of mad scientists, petty thieves, killer robots, a host of creeps and crawls and one very bloodthirsty sociopath out to kill them, the five kids must discern friend from foe in order to find a new home where they’ll truly be safe…

The subtitle of the current storyline is called “Duck Hunt.”

“Chip and Walter” updates on once a week (freelance work and job-time permitting). Updates are usually announced on my social media accounts, linked on the left sidebar.

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