11. The Ensemble Assembly!

11. The Ensemble Assembly! published on 2 Comments on 11. The Ensemble Assembly!

A few fine, fun folks about town! Check the alt text for more info!

16. Frump Roast!

16. Frump Roast! published on 1 Comment on 16. Frump Roast!

The previous entry in the series was “Possumneck McGillicuddy and Pilferer of the Mislaid Tugboat” is considered to be a cult classic. No, really. There’s some weirdo cult on the other side of the country that worships it and brings it offerings of already-worn short round acrylic nails. It’s creepy!

24. Ill Will…

24. Ill Will… published on 1 Comment on 24. Ill Will…

In case you can’t tell, the boss was not happy with the quality of Stickem’s work. Distressing memories are the worst memories of all.

39. Lights! Camera! Abstraction!

39. Lights! Camera! Abstraction! published on 3 Comments on 39. Lights! Camera! Abstraction!

In the world of Chip and Walter, the “Ronkonkoma Thiccthighs” movie franchise is super popular! It’s got books, games, comics… And none of them are any good. Bless their sweet summer hearts for trying though.